What is the CEM


The Certified in Exhibition Management™ (CEM) designation is a globally recognized designation that demonstrates the highest professional standard throughout the exhibition and event management arena. It was first created in 1975 to raise professional standards in the event industry and it continues to be the premier mark of professional achievement.

The CEM designation accommodates short and long-term career goals with education that can be tailored to meet specific needs and interests. The designation is obtained by completion of nine courses offered in classroom and on-line formats. The CEM Learning Program is offered in the United States, Canada, Brazil, China, Dubai, Korea, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, and Thailand.

About CEM

In the exhibitions and events industry, the Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM) designation is the premier designation offering a cutting-edge certification for exhibition industry professionals. The CEM curricula, a dependable source of specific knowledge for all individuals, emphasizes direct application to all daily challenges and can be tailored to the individual needs and interests of participates. Because of the emphasis on practical knowledge, the CEM Professional Designation Learning Programme is first, an educational program, and second, a certification program. The availability of online and face-to-face courses helps to needs, individuals preferences and time commitments of CEM participants.

The CEM Professional Designation Learning Program is a global designation offered in the United States, Brazil, Canada, China, Dubai, Korea, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan and Thailand. More than 2,200 active CEM’s around the world make up the CEM Network which serves as a new channel for communication, ideas, thought leadership, industry recognition and promotion. Designees use the CEM logo on business cards, resumes, social networks, websites and other forms of collateral to reinforce expertise. Hiring managers can be confident that applicants carrying the CEM designation are knowledgeable and skilled in exhibition management. IEIA is please to offer the CEM program in India for the third time in New Delhi, India.

CEM candidates are required to have at least three years of full-time experience as a practitioner in exhibition and/or event management prior to beginning the CEM Learning Program.

Organised in 1928 as the National Association of Exposition Managers to represent the interest of trade show and exposition managers, the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) is today the leading association for the global exhibition industry. IAEE represents more than 9,000 individuals in over 50 countries who conduct and support exhibitions worldwide.

Established in 1975 by the IAEE Board of Directors as a voluntary certification programme, the CEM credential is recognised throughout the exhibitions and events industry as a means of raising professional standards. IAEE endorse and recognises industry professionals who have attained the CEM designation.

The purpose of the programme is to :
  • Learn the concepts and elements in organizing exhibition and event.
  • Find out how your peers are dealing with similar issues you are facing.
  • Network and learn from industry experts who are forgoing new paths in exhibition and event management.
  • Discover how to apply what you learn to your organization to get bottom-line results.
This programme is suitable for those currently in the exhibition and events industry who :
  • Are project/event managers, sale & marketing professionals, on-ground specialists, finance professionals in various sectors of the exhibition and event industry.
  • Have at least 3 years of full-time experience in exhibition and events industry.
  • Wish to enhance their understanding of exhibition and event management.


  • Conference and Meeting Management
  • Event Marketing
  •  Event Operations
  •  Exhibitions and Event Sales
  • Finance, Budgeting and Contracts
  • Floor Plan Development
  • Security, Risk and Crisis Management
  • Strategic Planning and Management

Programme Fee

IEIA, IAEE, ICPB & EEMA Members = ` 55,000/- + Taxes*

Non Members = ` 65,000/- + Taxes*


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Email: info@ieia.in
Contact: 011 41045483

Venue for CEM 2017

German House, Chankyapuri, New Delhi


Numbers of hotel options are available in and around German House. IEIA will facilitate participants in booking hotel rooms through its network of hotel partners.