Individual Membership – IEIA also offers membership to individuals under ‘Young’ and ‘Auxiliary’ membership categories.

This membership is for enthusiasts from all walks of life who are wanting to associate with IEIA and willing to contribute immensely to the growth of the exhibitions sector while making a mark for themselves in the dynamic industry.

Freelancers / independent consultants/ trainers/speakers/ retired members (who have been employed with the exhibition industry for a period of more than 10 years and are presently not working but still like to the associated with IEIA), and those who may be (or may not) have some proprietorship concerns.

This membership shall be issued on the individuals name and not in the name of his or her firm.

Fee Structure

Rs. 5000 per annum – plus taxes

Individual memberships are for people under 35 years, who are either students or employed in the exhibitions or other industry and want to directly participate in IEIA activities irrespective of their organizations being an IEIA member or not. After 35 years, they will not be categorized under ‘Young Member’ but can continue as ‘Auxiliary Member’ by paying prescribed annual fees.

Fee Structure

The membership fees for this category shall be Rs. 2500 per annum for employed and Rs. 1500 per annum for students.