UBRAFE Event Calendar

UBRAFE is the entity that represents the trade promotion sector both nationally and internationally with all of the economy’s segments. Its members include the largest companies in the Brazilian exhibition sector. UBRAFE demonstrates both to the market as well as to the government the sector’s importance and its numbers. The holding of trade fairs always results in benefits for society: it produces economic activity, the transfer of technology, knowledge and triggers the services network generating income for the community, serving as a link between the productive chain and its distribution channels and/or the end consumers.On an annual basis the trade fairs under the UBRAFE umbrella bring together roughly 32 thousand national exhibitors, 6 thousand foreign exhibitors as well as more than 100 thousand brands which attract a universe of more than 7.5 million visitors. Covering the widest possible range of sectors within the economy, UBRAFE’s trade fairs account for 90% of the occupation of the pavilions in Brazil by all the trade promotion events.